It pays to be famous

Anna Kournikova is in Taipei promoting Omega watches. Her sponsor says that the government demands that she have a work permit. But she is doing the promotion work anyway without one. Any foreign affairs cops shutting down the operation and detaining and deporting her? HA!

But Japanese porn stars are not allowed to hawk goods at trade shows. (Penthouse Pets are apparently OK, though. I can remember a while ago they had some riding around for a new housing complex.)

Maybe a competing watch co. will rat on her.

You mean the porn stars came here for free out of sheer goodwill and altruism ? That was nice of them. I’m sure Anna’s not getting paid a penny either. Ahem.

You’ve got to grudgingly admit the FAP have got at least some style: fit birds can do what they like, everyone else has to toe the line.

Did the Senegalese soccer team have work permits?

OK, silly question.

I bet you it really stuck in MOFA’s craw to invite a load of Senegalese footballers over when they could have had Junko Whatsername instead.