Dear all,

This comes from an article at Yahoo News titled

One less thing to worry about.

A self-flagellation a day keeps the doctor away :sunglasses:

I’m quite sure the male members of Forumosa will be quite free of prostate cancer in later life given all the draining of dangerous carcinogens from the gland evident on these pages. Some do it more than Little Richard.

An aside. I was once told by an Australian cricketer that Jeff Boycott’s pre-batting ritual (so to speak) was to toss off in a toilet. It was apparently very well known in cricket circles.

Oh, and any yanks or canucks out there not know what I’m talking about then tough titties! Copped another yanks only, shitty American football question in the Brass Monkey quiz last night. What is it with the stats? I guess all those spaces in the game when team 350 runs on because the ball’s near the 350 line allows for too much pondering of previous equally exhilarating games?


Let’s slow down on our promotion of Hanyu Pinyin and start pushing for the legal right of Taiwanese girls to give handjobs.

Oh great! I can then say, “I would like a box of your beetle nuts and for you to play with mine.” :stuck_out_tongue: