Italian lawyer in training -- what jobs are available in Taiwan?

i am a trainee lawyer in Italy. Still studying and hoping to pass the bar examination, which is a complicated thing for a 40 years old man. In fact Im seriously thinking about to start a completely different job in Taiwan. Law degree apart (civil law) in Italy i hold the certificates of real estate agent, sales rep and condominium/property manager. Elementary knowledge of chinese mandarin and indonesian language. BASIC knowledge of english and french languages, fluent in spanish. I also studied ancient greek and latin.
Any tips about websites where to apply for jobs and any other suggestion you would provide are welcome. Thanks.


Foreign Professionals to Work in Taiwan


Invest some time into networking with European-oriented law firms and trade organizations in Taiwan that can give you advice on different possible avenues. For example, Eiger Law and the European Business Association in Taiwan, at In order to get an interview from your contacts you need to be able to talk about area(s) of the law both you and they are interested in.

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You could also consider working for a translation agency or freelancing your translation services.

You could also try teaching Italian in a school.

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How about selling your famous yummylicious pastas in Asia?

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remote works or here in Taiwan using European languages sales, consultant, market research, customer experience, technical writer.
Do you have an ARC?

No, sorry i don’t nave because i’m still in Italy.
Probably a reasonable way to get it faster is to apply at MLC. After 2 courses of mandarin language(6 months) i will be able to get ARC again.

but you will get student arc without a work permit, after one year they will give you 20 hr week work permit. It’s complicated you have to find a company willing to sponsor your ARC and pay you more than 48k a month.

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You won’t get a job from Italy. Well you may get some very badly paid gig or something.

Need to come to Taiwan first otherwise kind of pointless.

Italian food such as pasta and especially olive oil is popular. Again it helps if you know anybody here cos it’s all about connections, social media .

Working as a lawyer…No idea.
With your language and legal background I thought you could get a job with European commission, patent office, that kind of stuff.
You could also work as a recruiter. Your English is good enough.

If you are insistent on coming back look into the various schemes in Taiwan, gold visa etc. There are threads on here.
You could probably get a job as European sales and marketing for some companies. I think so. But hard to get from Italy, they like to see their workers in Taiwan .

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Tagging @Andrew0409 as his girlfriend is Italian and he now lives in Italy. So he may have some insight. Or he may not, but it can’t hurt.

I think it’ll be hard since both Italians and Taiwanese favor doing business with people they know and have a relationship with. It’s like Italy, people get jobs by connections. And most Italians in Taiwan are in food and beverage.

Money is in consulting though. But you need experience for that. And consulting money is in China really I’m terms of doing business with Italy. My girls dad is a lawyer but he doesn’t practice so much law in Asian, he has a consulting firm in Taiwan. And a immigration law firm in Italy. As you know, lawyers don’t make that much. Especially not in Italy. Even though he has one of the largest immigration law firms. The money he mostly makes is not from his actual practice.

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Hi, Im seeking for Italian lawyer in Taiwan. Maybe we can discuss privately?

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