Italian pianist and piano teacher, information about working?


Hi guys,im a italian pianist and piano teacher (i live in italy)and my gf lives in taiwan…i would be pleased if someone could give me a piece of information about working there as a pianist or piano teacher…thanks!(i ve already been there twice and i love taiwan!)


The easy way to fix the work permit problem is to marry her – if you love her that much. :heart_eyes:

Without marriage, @Toe_Save probably knows how to get you a work permit as a performer, and maybe also as a teacher.


I do indeed. Check my profile.


That’s great. To clarify, is “piano teacher” now in the same category as “zumba teacher” i.e. foreigners can be granted permission to do this kind of work without marriage etc.?


So far so good. I’ve successfully sponsored a comedian/actor and working on another actor/singer. I want to try painters/sculptors/culinarians and any other artist that believes they can carve their own niche into our special little island.


Thanks…we are considering to marry…maybe in 1-2 years…in august or december im going there to visit her…and i wonder if i can performe there as a classical pianist or give a master class or piano lessons as a piano teacher…