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seems true! well also seem be some good business people in the area, higher income than the south

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I fly out of Bologna a lot. And the boarding agents always ignore the priority boarding by groups and just open it up for all groups. I was told this was the reason

Bologna is still a very rich city, very historical. In Emilia Romagna, the region Bologna is the capital of, there r many important companies and the region itself is a tourism powerhouse. The people r very entrepreneurial and hard working, even if they r quite red, but in Bologna due to the university also the commies from other regions and countries go, whom r instead rather lazy

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Have no clue about this, never actually flew from Bologna

Genoa (Nice city, really!)

Interesting Metro station name

Ofc get focaccia (either plain or with onions, those r the traditional), some good pesto pasta (trenette or trofie or linguine)


So which pesto brands in Taiwan are better, a few choices at the market.

La molisana is a good pasta brand, voiello and rummo too. de Cecco quite basic, Barilla Is mediocre.

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Thank you, will search them out.

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