Itchy scalp and hair loss - anyone know a trichologist?

I seem to be suffering the same scalp condition as my mother. I have developed an itchy scalp and it’s making my hair drop out a LOT. She sees a trichologist in the UK who helped her hair grow back. Does anyone know of a scalp expert in Taipei? Anyone been to a dermatologist about their scalp? I’m about ready to shave it all off :unamused:

I’m sorry, I don’t know any tricky doc.s, but I read an interesting article the other day about women and hair loss. I get itchy in one spot sometimes and my hair there is thinner. Seems the itching is caused by the death of the follicle and resultant loosening of the hair. I sure wish I knew how to stop the follicle death. If you find out–let me know?

Good luck!!

trichologist - a new word for me. I have no idea, but it might be worth contacting the dermatology clinic (say at NTU, just because it is big and might be more likely to have such a specialist).

Hair loss is sometimes related to diet. (Is it balanced? Do you get enough protein? Is your diet varied? etc…)
Something else that struck me - how long ago did you move to Taiwan? The move can be terribly hard on your body - I didn’t get my period for months when I first came here ( and, no, I wasn’t). Apparently it is not uncommon with female travelers. Perhaps the stress of the move has contributed to this and it will straighten itself out ( a suggestion which ignores the fact that your mom had the same condition).

Perhaps looking into what the Dr. did to help your mom… maybe the treatment was something you can work on yourself…? (I don’t want to give armchair physician advice, just wonder if it might have been a really simple solution)

An aside:
I sometimes get an itchy scalp. Makes me paranoid about why it is itchy. :s
I worry it is some kind of insect (lice are common in child care settings in my home country). Then I make someone check for me. Never find lice or nits. Thinking there are insects probably makes it even more itchy. I get paranoid working with small children.
I never hear of lice here at all. Makes me think they haven’t made it across the ocean yet? Knock on wood. That kind of thing freaks me out because outbreaks can be hard to control if not everyone checks their kids. (Sorry, it is not quite on the topic.)

Wish I could be of more help.