It's the end of the world!

If you thought things were getting out of hand here on “Treasure Island”, take alook at what the Kiwis are having to put up with. :shock: “The horror, the horror…”,2106,2434309a11,00.html

So THAT’S where he got to!

~ something about those new zealand & aussie bitches does seem a trifle more tolerant than the usual christian snooze, waiting to thaw out enough… nibble on my noodle anyone…? the sucklings are waiting to diss me…? mmm… I can hardly wait to move to brazil… ma and pa’s money? ha, ha, thawing out that money ain’t going t’b’eazeee…

anyone ever read, “generation of vipers” by phil wylie? I wonder if it’s worth the investment in shoes and polish, and time, to trip on down to the f----g rabbit warren again…?


unlocking mr. untermeyer!

anybody home?
broadcast live from the desk?
at whose behest have you silenced
the squeaky hinge on your door?
is it only age, the limited patch of grass,
or the girl whom you betrayed?
me too, but fear not,
she loved another, sure.

Code 4! Code 4 We have a Rogue Rabbit.

Of course if that animal was in China, it would be Rabbit Stew on someone’s dinner table by now. 8 mos. of living in Beijing I saw more dogs in restaurants (or rather their meat) than I did elsewhere. Except for the occasional dog owner with leashed animal, no prowling dogs in the streets like here in Taiwan.

Did you see that story about some Lion Refuge in S. California? The place was littered with carcasses, there were dozens in freezers, and signs that the owner was involved in pelt trade. Allusions were made also to the Asian market for wild animal parts as aphrodisiacs/medicinal recipes.

That would suck if you send grandpa joe to some retirement home, and later find out they sell the body parts to a hospital or research facility. sounds like a movie.

Movie? Heck, it’s reality in China, Nigeria and . . . California. … 99845.html

[quote=“Popo”]How on earth did I get to be such a dork?
To much dope?
Drinking from the pump at the gas station?
Was I dropped on my head too many times?

If only I had a clue about what I really wanted to say.[/quote]

Translation of popo by Boss Hogg

Edit: After thought - I guess I shouldn’t have used the word “dork”. I will leave it here anyway, but Popo I apologise for calling you a “dork” or at least by translation. :wink"

just be happy you aren’t a philppine maid who can’t sleep overnight with her boyfriend due to the unkind over-control of these so liberal and ‘unprejudiced’ little chinamen doinks, doink!

Which mother-f----n’ mean corporation are you slavin’ for dopey boss? I don’t need or want ANY bosses in my life, bro!

HEY, do you KNOW who Untermeyer is bossy? Stay gright, cut-off Tim Robbins in mid-stream! You Americans are good at faking democracy!

I dunno Boss, I think it’s kind of cool to have a bona fide crazy person as part of our little community. It adds a certain something to the mix that I’d hate to lose. Keep up the good work, Popo. I like people I can’t figure out :slight_smile: .

Strange, though I did use to have a pet rabbit myself which was rather hostile - but just against me, the “owner”. I couldn’t touch it or lift it up without being scratched but had to feed the bugger.

Interestingly rabbits can also scream: once my dad and myself heard a something which sounded like a screaming baby in our garden, but soon we discovered it was a wild rabbit who got entangled in some wire and couldn’t free itself. Never thought that rabbits can make any sound like that …

Run away! Run away!

The hell with your rabbit, this is scary.

You really are struggling to keep up aren’t you :unamused:

American??? :smiling_imp:

Not in this lifetime buddy!


People have been warned before for this kind of racial language. Are you going to go down the same path as the ignorant Jasonlin?

repeat after each other, stay safe… Do not give foreign workers any right to live on their own time… Do you know that those ugly factories have curfews? Those poor little Thai, Philippino and Indonesian girls can’t be allowed any life of their own. Sing along with Johnny Dead, “Give peace a chaaaaancee…” Oh, you are all so swell and sentimental…

if a chinaman who keeps his maids locked up by law and coercion isn’t a doink, what is he, grighty? Chinaman is not racial language. “Chinque” would be racial language, and I only use that word when I am home alone, in a bad mood. But most of the time, my saintly enlightened ones, I am quite buoyant and all giggly!

Hey, I am proud to be crazy, because by your standards, only killers and wankers and eunichs are employable… knyuck, knyuck… Pray, pray, pray, ha, ha, haaa!

Where has that blue button gone?

Can we go back to the days when we were less tolerant of this kind of garbage?

ha, ha, ha, ha, keep those bitches locked up, farmer!

sticks and stones may break me bones, but dunces only make me laugh harder!!!

I wish they frickin’ would then we would get some peace around here :smiling_imp: :unamused:

Following several complaints, Popo’s status is under review. Stay tuned.

Agree with the last statement.

Popo’s great. To even consider banning him would be narrow-minded, petty and dumb.

Besides, this thread is about the end of the damned world anyway, which seems to be growing ever closer every day with the latest terrorist attacks by Palestinians, Israelis, Al Quaeda, Americans and other lunatics. In light of such barbarism, anyone who is offended by Popo’s mere words ought to be banned from Segue for being a simple-minded twit. :smiley: