I've decided not to be so negative/life in TW is good

i don’t know. just came to some conclusions today. not that i’m scared somebody may do me in for the stuff i say . it’s just that too many of my opinions lean to the negative side. taiwan isn’t so bad. tai ke aren’t so bad either. beatings don’t happen THAT often, and they’ve never happened to me (almost but it didn’t happen). life is good. and i’ve still got my pub job even though some guys are making me sad about some cultural misunderstandings. I’m gonna take stuff in stride.
there. i’m feeling better already.

wasn’t it lovely weather today? i love fall.

:slight_smile: Welcome to the sunny side! Hope to see you over here more often!

Someone finally got laid.

It’s about time too! :slight_smile:

Good on you… That’s a much better attitude. :bravo:

What? Are you delusional? Did your half empty cup suddenly flip over or something?
Saying that things aren’t that bad is just a wussy way of admitting that they actually are bad to at least some degree.

Don’t forget what Yoda told Luke just before he died: “Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny!” You’re already owned, man! Just give in to the hatred!

Surrender to the Void!

You know they let you keep that little piece of brain they take out in a lil’ jar “nice jar” niiiice :smiling_imp: