Jack Johnson Presidential Pardon campaign

As a human rights attorney and martial artist I have gotten involved in a project to get a posthumous pardon for the famous boxer Jack Johnson. So if folks here are interested in helping clear the name of Americas first black heavyweight champion you might want to take a look at this web site:


And at the top is a section called:
Resolutions In Support of Pardoning Jack Johnson
Ask Your Representative to Co-Sponsor This Legislation

Many of you may already be aware of Jack Johnsons story. He was the first American black heavyweight champion. He also was not the kind of guy who took shit so—he was not very popular with the establishment. So

George Bush ain’t gonna give a damn.

Exactly, How about all the people currently on deathrow or in for life who are innocent. How about putting some energy towards them.

Right. they don’t make a dime! Care to revise this statement?

Poor little fellows, you mean to say they have NO responsibility whatsoever for the path they have choosen? Nop, I don’t feel sorry for them being “used”.

Boxing is one of my favorite sport, I use to love reading stories of Johnson’s fight, I thing he is one of the greatest fighter ever. But the guy is dead and gone, there are a huge amount of inmates who shouldn’t be where they are right now. How about them?

Does every sentence have to start with “Whereas”?

Legal jargon

Ah. Fair enough.

Brian has done quite a lot of that through his work with Amnesty International.