Jack Ma-Elon Musk “debate”

Did anyone see this? Jack Ma sounded not very smart here.

Have you heard the story about Jack Ma? He may not be himself of late. Plus he’s debating innovation with a guy who thinks of future world things. Didn’t J. Ma make his money off the Ebay/ Paypal model once China shut down their internet access?

Great though his English is, he was debating in a second language.

My view about really successful business people is they need to be a combination of really smart and a bit thick. Smart enough to spot opportunities, but thick enough to take the risk.

Anyway, that’s what I cling to when trying to understand my current lack of success.


I was saying he might be a little muddle headed considering he’s under the thumb. His bank account suggests he’s good at taking opportunity a long way.


Oh, is it that he didn’t pronounce “debate” right or something?

There are several ways to pronounce debate.

Cause @Andrew0409 originally wrote “debat” in the headline. I guess that’s not one of the several ways :slight_smile:

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I didn’t notice that. However, as you say it would sound different.

Some stuffs Ma said didn’t really make sense, but Musk sounded a bit cocky, too.
It seems the “debate” was not interesting as one could expect…

Anybody notice Ma has been forced out of Alibaba, the rumours are that he was forced to hand control to some elite communist party members because of Ant Financial .

Think about it, does it make sense that’s he’s suddenly retired ? The guy literally lives for his business. Only one year ago he was announced as a CCP member, and then given one year to exit obviously.

They spin it as if he wanted to retire…
Western media doesn’t have a clue whsts going on there.


He and his wife and child are not allowed to leave the country at the same time as well. And he has “hand-picked security” shadowing him everywhere he goes.

He represents a threat to XJP because of his huge positive recognition in China and vast financial resources.

But the rumour is that the CCP elite got hin to sign it over during the purge last year of the ultra rich, then they get some bureaucratic types to run it for them. He still super rich but he’s firmly under their thumb and a lot of the shares may have been transferred to the elite CCP folks.

I’ve been watching videos off this page for the last week or so.
This one hits on Jack’s problems a bit.

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The late 90s early 2000s wow talk about OPPORTUNITY in China for e-commerce and the web. Anyone else here remember using alibaba in the early 2000s?

Yep I learned some of that from his video. A bit kooky, but then when you look at the timelines, and what happened with Fan Bing, the CEO guy in France suddenly falling off a wall, you do see a pattern. And this guy knew Jack Ma fairly well and the elite CCP peolle and explained how they use HK and Chinese banks to move their money around easily. They need HK to keep their massive corruption a length’s breadth away.

One yr ago Jack Ma was announced as a CCP member and within 1 year…Gone.
He even predicts that Jack Ma will not live a long and healthy life :neutral_face:.

He also explains how Ant Financial is actually the real jewel in the crown of Alibaba.

There was a guy on today’s episode that had some less than flattering things to say about him. When Wall st. started to invest in Alibaba he pulled Alipay out of the mix and became it’s sole owner. Guy calls him a scumbag or cnut or some such.

Sounds like fairly typical behaviour of these guys to be honest.