🇯🇵 Japan | EasyCard can be used in Okinawa starting Nov. 7, 2022

I’m really into cashless payments, so this is a really interesting development. I’m also a resident of Japan, so I would just use local Japanese payments, but I’d love to hear how EasyCard works for anyone visiting Okinawa in the future!

I might try it myself in the future and report back as well. Left my EasyCard back at home in Taiwan though, so I need to go back to Taiwan once first haha


This is awesome.


Formosa TV English News
Many of us use the EasyCard for the MRT, buses or shopping, but what about using it overseas? Well, starting Nov. 17, you’ll be able to use the EasyCard in Okinawa. Some 2,000 locations in the southern Japanese prefecture will accept the smartcard from Taiwan as a form of payment. This is the first time that the EasyCard is making a foray into a foreign country, and officials hope this will boost tourist flows between Taiwan and Japan. Let’s hear from an EasyCard manager.

Chiu Yu-kai
EasyCard general manager
There are several options. First, you can add value while you’re in Taiwan. Second, you can use the SuperCard on your smartphone, and third, the most convenient, is our joint-branded card, which automatically tops up without you physically putting money in. But be sure to know which card you are using, and remember to go to our company’s official website to register. Only then can you use it overseas.

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je, along with officials from EasyCard Corporation, Taiwan’s representative office in Okinawa, and the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, jointly announced the new initiative. The card offers a better exchange rate than cash and has no service charge, making traveling even more convenient.


I wonder:

  1. Can we add value while in Okinawa?
  2. I guess we can use existing Easy Cards, but we need to do a special registration for Okinawa?

Better exchange rate and no service charge

This sounds great.


That’s a good question , The cooperation is with Bank of The Ryukyus and I think there is no option to add value while you are in Okinawa

However if your Easycard is a Co-branded , Debit or Account link then you could add value

You just need to register your Easycard at the website
here is the link (is only in Chinese)


Anybody had any experiences? We’re going to Okinawa soon…I plan to use the Yui Rail to get around Naha and the Limo Bus to get up to the north of the island. Will our Easycard’s work and is that the best method for making payments?

Usually you can use suica from your apple wallet or credit card to tap into public transit. Credit card should work as a backup if easycard fails.

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