😷 Japan | Entry requirements?

Has anyone traveled to Japan recently? I’m a bit confused on the entry requirements now for those not triple vaccinated.

And it’s unclear what this means for Taiwanese citizens

Visa exemption arrangements for Taiwan is limited to passport holders with a personal ID number.

What is the personal ID number?

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A passport with your ID card number in it, or as I would call it normal passport vs. ones without ID# which are often people without Hukou/Household reg.)


On the Taiwanese passport, those who have household registration have their ID card number on their passport info page. Otherwise it’s blank.

Do you have the magic plastic card?


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It means only passports with I’d number is a citizen. Those without are just nationals and those passport won’t even get you into taiwan.

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I do have the ID card but it seems a bit weird that would need that.

Still a bit confused as it seems I need to take a PCR test and register as of now?

Well, in practise, those with the ID number and card are True Taiwanese citizens. Because of the National Without Household Registration and status, it’s kind of a way for countries to determine who actually is from Taiwan and who isn’t just ‘Overseas Chinese’ because their Grandfather fought for the ROC army in Shanghai.

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You will need proof of a negative COVID test if you have not been triple vaccinated.


Vaccine Certificate for Quaranatine|Border Measures|Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare|Government of Japan (mhlw.go.jp)

000997373.pdf (mhlw.go.jp)

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Ah right. I remember my grandfather was very insistent that I get this card for this reason.

Of the One True Taiwan?

The One True Tainumbawan!

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