🇯🇵 🦑 Japan | Importing processed squid meat from Japan

Tomorrow I am returning from Japan to Taiwan (Taoyuan) only to wait 5 hours on the airport for my next flight back home to europe. I would like to bring back home some squid products from Japan (basically those small packs of squid meat sold in Family Mart). I know importing meat to Taiwan is prohibited, but those official texts mention usually pork only and at one place it said that bringing processed fish meat is ok. I dont know if squid counts as fish and I dont know exactly what is covered by the word “processed” so I would like to ask if anyone has experience with this matter? I have already bought 6 packs of squid snacks and in any case I plan to show them to the customs officials to stay away from any potential trouble. But I would like to buy more - but I dont want to spend money on something that I would have to throw away right at the airport… Thanks :smiling_face_with_tear:

No idea about the rules regarding processed squid meat (sounds :nauseated_face:), but even if it’s forbidden and you need to exit the transit area prior to your outward flight, wouldn’t you be able to leave it at the bonded luggage counter? Might want to check that out.

There are some lists online detailing the rules for various items - you might want to Google for those too.

Ok, so for anyone who might be interested in this topic - there was no problem bringin in the squid. I showed them to customs official and she said something about seafood no problem = squid daijoubu :slightly_smiling_face:

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Four feet bad, no feet good.

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Sounds like Lays, Pringles etc :sweat_smile: