🇯🇵 Japan | Temple in Nara (JP) Defaced by Canadian Teen

Hannes brought it up in a thoroughly good nature. Idiots are idiots, no matter where they come from, is a message I can thoroughly get behind.

Flat went tinfoil hat on it by making up wild explanations for why it might - just might - be the work of a Chinese-Canadian by being behind a “‘English’ name and the Canadian passport." And why, because money is tight, it is so unlikely for so many white people to want to go to what might be the most Westerner touristed country in East Asia? But it’s more likely that the Chinese, who are certainly as equally pressed by monetary concerns if not more, will take a trip to Japan to… visit family? Because the flight over to, say, Shanghai, would be so much longer? And even though Japan is considerably more expensive for all parties that would be involved (i.e. the Chinese side and the Canadian)?

I’m not saying he’s even totally wrong - there is certainly a correlation - but to argue that point in any seriousness is silly. Based on all facts and logic there is nothing to suggest that - so why would you suggest it? It’s like seeing someone on the streets of Europe steal something and muttering to yourself about the fucking Gypsies or Slavs or Turks or whatever, even though you’ve no idea who they actually are. It reinforces such biases. Let them be true when they are - recently went to an art museum and had the pleasure of seeing some Chinese tourists almost touching the exhibits, and yes, that happened - but to artificially create them is uh, not good?

I don’t think it was meant in malice, just isn’t really sensible.

And yet, here you are

I’d hate for you to step on your own pecker here…


Not at all. I would hope that someone who grew up in Canada from the jump would be a little more sensitive to cultural monuments.

oooo sick burn

Jesus this argument is dumberer than a Canuck carving his name in a Japanese temple wall.

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Oh boy, what have I done, opening this Canadian of worms? :confounded:


Oh to be sure, me too. I totally agree with this.

The point was that the average Canadian is just a white guy/gal, so statistically the most reasonable assumption is that. The phrasing there left some to be desired to be sure - intended as typical white kid (so just to say the most statistically likely case) who happens to be dumb, not that he’s inherently so.

If he happened to be not white, you’d be right, but that doesn’t change the fact that you got your hand out in front of the bias to catch it instead of letting it naturally come to you, if you pardon my awful metaphor building.

I’ll drop it there since it certainly doesn’t seem like anyone thinks it’s worth honestly engaging and they’re probably right lol

Interestingly I was not allowed to wear shoes indoors when growing up. But we wore socks as it is cold weather. I think it has to do with carpets though, it’s hard to clean a carpet , easier to clean tiles.
Do people in the west really wear shoes at home, I don’t think so, as I didn’t.
I guess in offices they do , I’m not really sure as I worked in agriculture. I guess in an office in the west they wouldn’t take them off.
My mom would have beat me with a stick if I had walked across her carpet with dirty shoes.

In Germany, lot of people wear shoes into the house, carpet or not. We also like to carve initials into tree bark with our teeth…



They do that in Germany? I’ve lived quite a lot in Austria and like, never saw anyone do that down there.

Death by nail clipper, and by tradition, head on stake.

We do in America unless our shoes are muddy. It’s really weird to me now but I never gave it a thought growing up.

As far as Canada goes I could have made that up. I’m half way thru my first bout of Covid and popping so many pills I’m having trouble telling where the line between reality and fantasy is right now.

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Americans sees taking off your shoes as disgusting. They only remove their shoes when they’re at home.

In any other countries including Taiwan it’s very rude to go into someone’s house with shoes on.

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Ok come on guys. Both these comments were obviously made tongue-in-cheek.

No need to accuse anyone of anything.


I hope you get well soon. I’ve just finished second bout. The second day I had a fever and was at the clinic but wasnt quite sure I was at the clinic. I just remember they were really nice. It wasn’t like the first time I had it when they’d treat you like a leper :grinning:


The thing is that this is the second recent incident of a famous place being defaced by “impolite” tourists, first one being none other than the Coliseum. That one was caught on tape and it was quite a scandal.

It does not speak well of the first summer really free after the plague.

Not to say why would a visitor need to be told NOT to damage old buildings/monuments/anything in a foreign place where they are a guest?! It is not as if they have a free for all custom elsewhere, for starters.

Sounds to me like the “you are no boss of mine” mentality. The same that has folks leaving marked trails in Yellowstone and end up being cooked alive in volcanic sulfur or the ones that try to pet crocodiles in the old country and end up becoming a tasty imported meal.

Yes, it is the same.

There is an overall lack of manners/education/common decency in such actions.

True, a bored teenager is hard to control. But being so bored as to scratch a post like a wild animal…the level of disrespect and savagery is unbelievable.


That’s what he carved? Hope his fingers hurt.


Huh, turns out the UK man who defaced the Colosseum is Bulgarian born Ivan Dimitrov who lives in Bristol

No mention of nationality


When I first saw the thread title, I misread it as, “Temple in Nara defecated by Canadian teen.”


If he did, he probably also spelt out Julian while doing so.