Japanese degree from Taiwan Universities

Hi everyone

does anyone know which Taiwan universities are well-known for their Japanese degree program? Rather, which are the preferred local universities that Taiwanese would choose if they majored in Japanese?

Also, been trying to find out rankings of which Taiwan universities are good for liberal arts/humanities/foreign languages without much success, any suggestions?

It appears that Japanese is a popular major for many Taiwanese. So what kind of local industries do these graduates work in?

Happy Holidays and Merry New Year ahead. Looking forward to any input/feedback/suggestions. Thanx.

Wenzao Ursuline has got the best rep for foreign languages in general in the country.

STUT has a surprisingly good Japanese programme, everyone I’ve met who graduated from it has a very good command over the language.

Not sure about any up north. Note that you’ll probably learn Taiwanese accented Japanese :wink: