Japanese-occupied Changhua

Well, I know there’s a lot of map fanatics and people with pretty amazing historical knowledge here, so here’s a couple of questions:

What was the Japanese pronunciation of Changhua (彰化)?

And what was the Japanese pronunciation for the nickname the government gave Changhua - 惡化, the “troublesome city”, probably also a play on “a turn for the worse”.

The Japanese name for Chang Hua was Shoka. The Original inhabitants were the Babuzza people and some Hoanya people. The Dutch called the area Favorlang. The name was changed from Ban Xian in 1723 to honor the Yong Cheng emporer following a near disaster the previous year when a Papora revolt led commander Luo Guo Hsuan to destroy the village of Sha lu and following the Zhu Yi Gui Rebellion which forced the Qing government to abandon Tainan. Shoka is a translation.

Japanese map of Northern Taiwan in English… I live in Taihoku
The map itself was too big for this forum.
Can anyone find the southern part?

I think the link you posted to the map is broken