Japanese women marrying foreigners?

I saw this article in the Christian Science Monitor, a trend piece which suggests that Japanese women are turning to Western men, because they feel Western men will treat them more as equals:


I suspect some urban Taiwanese women may feel the same way, but the article seems flawed. At the end, after painting a picture of hordes of frustrated Japanese women turning to American and British husbands, the article claims that five percent of Japanese who get married are marrying foreigners, but that totals less than 30,000 marriages per year and most of the foreign men involved are Koreans. Less than 2,000 are American and British men.

Of course, the stats do not tally Japanese women who marry abroad, but still, this hardly seems like a trend …

Also, they seemed overly hasty in attributing this to feminism rather than penis size.

But seriously, we’re looking at less than 2000 Japanese woman / Western man marriages per year.

Erm … it is a CHRISTIAN Science Monitor. :blush:

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But 10,000 Japanese men are married to Chinese women…how many are from Taiwan?

And everyone knows Koreans are the most male chauvinists of the bunch.

So the trend in Asia is from women to look from more traditional and chauvinistic husbands. Thus allowing Asian men to seek more subservient Asian women.

So watch out White Christian women. Asian men will satisfy your secret desire to be put in your place and wear a bra. Or at the very least put a nipple patch on the offending protrusion.

I’[ve known quite a lot of Kapanese women in Taiwan, and one fo the reasons they like it and stay here is that they have so much more freedon than in (more) chauvinist Japan. (None of those I know/knew married though).


Most statistics are made up. 14% of all people know that. :wink:

If you want to be in a more equal marriage, the last person you should marry is a Korean man.

There were ads running in the Saturday-Sunday edition of the Herald Tribune for marriage to Japanese women. Recall seeing one just this past weekend.


My wife married me to avoid all the chauvinism of the east. What a Sucker?!

japanese women aren’t very traditional anymore, unfortunately.

Tell me about it the Japanese Princess isn’t even married at the ripe old age of 36 yet.

Talk about setting an example for those other traditional Japanese ladies.

Japanese culture is dying. It has cancer of the soul.

Go to Bali and you will see many, many Japanese women married to locals.