Japan's leader quits, could Taiwanese-Japanese lead?

Suga has quit. I guess next person is from same party, but at one time Renhō (蓮舫 Japanese-Taiwanese) was leader the 2nd party or Leader of the Opposition
(Leader of the Opposition (Japan) - Wikipedia) (before not now) wonder if she will have any part of the new gov.

No opposition please. Abe and Suga’s branch is very pro-Taiwan. They will nominate someone practically the same as Abe and Suga and call it a day.

The Prime Minister can only be chosen by the King on the advice of Parliament. Since the Liberal Democrats have a majority, it will be a Liberal Democrat.

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It’s Emperor in Japan though.

Mr. Suga quit because he would likely lose a an election if called now or soon, so we will see if his low ratings will have LDP losses in the next election soon (seems has be before end of Nov)

Close enough. Same thing in practise.

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The Prime Minister’s position is not up for election in a parliamentary monarchy.

The Prime Minister is always appointed with the confidence of Parliament.

Even if the Social Democrats has the most seats in parliament, I doubt their policy towards Taiwan would be any different. Right now it’s incredibly unpopular to be pro-China in Japan, just like how it is in the US.

Maybe, LDP seems will not have more than 50% so it depends who they partner with in the election. For now, two people have said that will try to PM, MP Sanae Takaichi (高市 早苗), haha two things for me she is female and her name is Kao City haha. Seems her English should be good as she worked for an USA MP in the past.

It’s very likely they will win a majority. While some seats are proportional, the majority of Japan’s MPs are elected by first past the post.

The last election, the Lib Dems only needed to win 33% of the votes to gain a majority because Japan’s parliamentary elections are 289 mini elections across the whole country.

Yes, we will see. Good election period will be much shorter than USA one.

The US is not a parlimentary system so it’s hardly comparable.

Yeah…i wouldn’t take that risk.

Of what empire ? Queen Victoria was also called an empress, but she did have a fairly large one , 30% of the world or something like that :wink:

Japan is a monarchy and the head of state is called emperor.

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Yes, not the same but still election periods in the USA seem so long even compared to Taiwan which I think is too long and loud.

Except that the US is not the rule, it’s the exception.

Japan’s campaign season is fairly normal.

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Yes, I can agree the USA is the exception.

Party votes m 4 way election

Social Party did not get many votes. Liberal Democratic Party seems won.