Jaywalking is an offence 300ntd, lol

Heck, they make it worth the risk! Chances of getting caught: low. Fee if caught: The cost of a large Starbucks drink. Shits given for this fee: 0. Why don’t they make it 10k?

It’s a rule nationwide.

Because that would be so unbelievably pedestrian-unfriendly that it’s insane.

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Haaha ya this is a bit ridiculous. Never seen this before.
At least they are trying to make a statement.
People know they won’t get caught.
But I would say for some people, if they were concerned about getting caught, that $300 NT might actually work. Doesn’t seem like much, but ff you’re making minimum wage, under $200 I believe (anyone know for sure??) then that’s well over an hour worth of work. So they might think twice.
But ya, they’re not going to enforce that unless people start getting run over. And even then, they might not do much.

My friend got charged for that a few weeks ago.

I was pulled over for it but was let go.

All while cars and scooters run the red behind us.


Seldom enforced from what I’ve seen so far, although I do know that people occasionally catch a fine for it. There are some pretty egregious incidents of people jaywalking in really bad spots, really wide roads or being too lazy to walk an extra 5-6 meters to cross at the crosswalk with the light and instead opt to run through traffic that has a green light.

That being said…for some roads, it is actually safer to jaywalk sometimes, ideally only have to look 1/2 ways instead of 4 or more. Did have a police officer drive past me on a scooter once and just stop and look back and stare at me when I was waiting for traffic so go past so I could jaywalk. I just stood there and looked at him and he eventually drove off.

Even in front of police stations I’ve felt much safer jaywalking nearby than I ever did crossing in front of the station due to how little is done about red light runners or people not yielding for pedestrians.

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Oh dam! Didn’t realize they do actually ticket for that. Never heard of it or seen it before. Interesting.

Sometimes cops camp on a specific stretch of the road near my house. Wife got ticketed once. I think it was most frequent after new traffic light with pedestrian crossing was added a few years ago, now more rarely seen.

For me, the new MRT exit at my station is at an intersection with no crosswalks, cops expect you to walk ALL THE WAY to the traffic light and back. The other exit is at the traffic light. So much backtracking.


I suppose it beats Singapore’s 1 million dollar jaywalking fine, plus a public ass whooping, or whatever they do there.

Exaggeration aside, if you get hit here and the man is red, the judge is basically going to assume it is your fault for losing that arm or leg.

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A road nearby is the same. There is a bus stop on either side and a Youbike stop on the other side. Can walk around and wait for traffic lights or jaywalk. Ironically the best place to cross is where the jaywalking sign is.

Honestly, sometimes I think jaywalking is the safer option. Especially when there is turning traffic.


Without safe sidewalks, jaywalking can be the safest option.


The officer said I had to use the Zebra lines.

That means my office is on a literal island of roads as none of the streets surrounding it have Zebra lines and that it’s illegal to go to work.


A dream come true

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it’s illegal to go to work.

Pepsi challenge: Explain this point in Mandarin to the police officer without looking like a lunatic.


I don’t talk to the police.

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Obviously. We mean have your lawyer explain it :sweat_smile:


You say that now, but how do I know one day you won’t sing like a canary?

Cause I already had this encounter.

I have a lawyer that talks to me.

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