Jazz Festival in Taichung

i saw the program for this festival and it looks like a very diverse group of musicians are playing, should be pretty good but everyone i have talked to about it hasn’t even heard of it so i’d thought i’d try to get the good word out. jazzfestival.com.tw/2008jazz … nguage=en# this is the link for more info about it. it starts this saturday the 18th and goes til the sunday the 26th.

i was wondering if anyone knows whether it is necessary to get tickets early or if it is chill to just show up and get them there or if its free or whatever the deal is.

It’s free. The main stage is in People’s Park, and theirs a few other stages nearby. Lots of vendors selling good food and drinks, too.

thanks for the info.
concert was bitchin.
particularly Trio 3. pure sweet nectar to go along with my Erdinger beer