JCIC Credit Report

After my wrestling match with American Sexpress, I went to JCIC and checked my credit report. They are located near the Taipei train station. Their address and other details are here:


(Go to English version, public section, scroll down for link to credit report page)

It costs NT$100 for a credit report. I found the staff to be overall very friendly and helpful. If you have trouble filling out the form or understanding your report, ask for Mr. Sun Yi-shin (孫一心).

My only sore spot was a theft/fraud mark one day in June of last year (no charges were made) but they said I could have my credit card company remove that.

One thing that bothers me is that foreigners don’t have a credit score, and it lists the reason for that because you are not an ROC citizen or there’s been an ID number mistake.

Anyone knows howo to apply for credit report online? using MOICA card

You should be able to login at https://apply.jcic.org.tw/CreditQueryInput.do and apply there. Haven’t tried it yet though…

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Ok, finally got around to trying this. It works fine :slight_smile:

  1. Get a Digital Citizen Certificate and set it up in your card reader
  2. Visit https://apply.jcic.org.tw/CreditQueryInput.do , download and install the setup file when prompted.
  3. Close your browser and re-open it (I used Chrome, for reference)
  4. Enter your ARC ID and the CAPTCHA, tick the box to agree to the terms and click the bottom left blue button to sign in.
  5. Enter your IC Card PIN when prompted, and wait … 60 seconds or so
  6. You’re in. You can see 5 buttons down the side: home, Review Credit Report, History View Record, Email Notification Service, Electronic Invoicing
  7. Click Review Credit Report and choose a Reason for inquiry (default is “Learn about credit history”), tick the box for Credit Score and optionally set a password (default is last 6 digits of ARC ID)
  8. Wait … enter your IC card PIN … wait …
  9. Save the PDF when prompted.
  10. (optional) Set an email address in the Email Notification Service - you can get emailed when someone requests your credit report in certain circumstances
  11. (optional) Check the view history of your credit report
  12. (optional) Tell me what the Electronic Invoicing bit is, I don’t know!