JFRV and timing issue - Question


I am going to marry my girlfriend soon, I am just waiting for some papers to do it.

I will quit my company in the end of this month, so I will have to quit Taiwan soon (and of course I will come back immediatly … HK visa run).

I guess I will receive all the papers in the middle of the next month. We will marry in Taiwan right after and I will apply for the JFRV immediatly after.

Question 1:
How long until I can get the JFRV, assuming that I have all the papers ready ?

Question 2:
While the JFRV is processing, do I need to leave the island if my visa expire ? (for example, if I am on a 1 month visa represented by a stamp on the passport)

I ask this question because the last time that I changed my company, I was enabled to work in the new company while my ARC was in process (it was a ARC transfert between 2 companies).

Question 3:
What visa should I get in the end of this month ?

  • The visitor visa stamp at the airport for 1 month ?
  • I apply scholarship in a chinese school and I get a student visa ?


What ? Nobody know anything about any of my questions ?? :s

I’d suggest that you wait for your paperwork to come through, get married then quit your job. Less hassle. Depending on nationality, you might have your new JRFV based on marriage in 2 months or less. And no need to leave the country.


I still want to quit my job in the end of this month (i.e. next week). I will go to HK and ask a student visa (I am going to learn chinese again, I think I really need to refresh my memory and to learn more than the basis since I will stay in Taiwan with my wife). Then, I will get married and ask the JFRV.

Of course it means that we will spend more money for the airplane ticket, the visa, the school … but it is worst it, I really need to take a rest. :stuck_out_tongue: