JFRV POLICE record docs, 3 months from when?

Can anyone urgently help?s
I have finally (at long last) recieved my clean Police record from the UK. I know the timeline (for legal docs) to process a JFRV is 3 month so i’m a little worried.
The police doc is dated 1st Nov 2005
The FCO apostille is dated Nov 19th 2005
The TRO office in London chops are dated 8th Feb 2006

Big Q. where does the 3 month date start from?

PS i only have a week to get my health check doc if its from the police doc date!

From the date of issue.

If I am reading your initial post correctly, your three months is already finished (Feb. 1, 2006).

Maybe someone here can help you further.

Yes of course…hopefully its from the TRO date!

i visited the UK in Sep, i have been here since then. I could not have commited a crime in UK since Nov 1st