Jhubei FC in Hsinchu are looking for players!

Jhubei Football Club in Hsinchu are always looking for new players!
If you love the beautiful game contact me at jhubeifc@gmail.com or look us up on facebook!


We are always looking for players!
Drop me a line at jhubeifc@gmail.com
On facebook at: Jhubei FootballClub
Or at our website: www.jhubeifc.com

Jhubei FC are looking for players in the Hsinchu area, as always!
If you are interested, drop me a line at Jhubeifc@gmail.com, look me up on facebook at Jhubei FootballClub, or check out our new website at jhubeifc.com!

Our facebook page is spelled with a J, not a Z! It is the auto correct on this site that has changed it. J h u b e i F o o t b a l l C l u b

We are, as always, looking for players!
Drop me a line at jhubeifc@gmail.com

i am a talented footballer at age 25 and would find great
pleasure in signing for a team in Taiwan . i have been a good
footballer from child hood and have been part of so many football
competitions in Cameroon like top cup under 12 competition, fenasco B
and A national inter school competition (winner 2009,2010,2013).
Cameroon cup, best striker for LITTLE FOOT united , a division two
football club . football earnings in Cameroon is very discouraging for
an ambitious footballer like me. no mater the level i know confidentially i
can always rise . i am both physically and mentally strong as a
footballer and really wishes to be tested .i am educated and can speak
and write the English language clearly and can also understand and
speak basic french .
my number +237676036796 Email; godamglad@gmail.com . available on call at
any time please contact me urgently.

Best regards