Jing Coffee & Eatery in Taoyuan

Hey all,

Just want to let you know about a new Western-style restaurant in Taoyuan City. It’s called Jing Coffee & Eatery. We serve brunch, lunch and dinner. Menu items include Buffalo wings with blue cheese, real risottos, handmade pizzas and more. We also carry Moosehead if you’re looking for a good Canadian beer.

Apart from food, we have plenty of outdoor seating (possibly the best patio area in Taoyuan), a DartsLive 2 machine and a big screen for big sporting events.

Check out our Facebook page for more information and updates: facebook.com/jingcoffeeeatery


Thanks; I’ll come check it out sometime.

By the way, does Jing have any plans to broadcast the Superbowl? A friend from the US will be arriving for a visit this week and asked if there are any places to watch it, and the only possible nearby place I could think of was perhaps the 3 Baboons at Taimall.

Great marketing. I immediately associated Jing Coffee and Eatery with the expensive and exotic car brands parked outside!

I aspire to be rich, and will therefore definitely patronize Jing Coffee and Eatery.

These days you can’t have an eaterie without some kind of expensive vehicle parked outside or even hanging on a wall

  • Hipster/Vintage places
    Obligatory fixie or messenger bike

  • Scenic spot cafe
    Motorbike with red plates

-Cool eaterie for the nouveaux rich
Ferrari or Lamborghini (merc and Porsche just won’t cut it)

haha, yeah the owner loves his supercars.

RE The Super Bowl, we will be showing it live at 7:30 am if anyone else is interested. I’d appreciate a heads up if anyone plans on coming though, as I don’t want to bring a chef in early if he isn’t needed! Thanks!

My friend traveled here with his buddy, so the three of us will be there Monday morning (and breakfast would be awesome).

I’ll mention it to the folks I hang out with, some of whom you probably already know.

You should have opened this when I was still living in Taoyuan. Ahh, well, wish you the best!

Sounds good, I’ll see you Monday morning!

Thanks for the tip, will check it out next time I’m in that area.