Jiufen Accomodation and plan

Hello all,

I’m finally going to visit Taiwan during Japan’s golden week.

I’ll be arriving on Wed night, and coming back to Japan on Sunday morning.

I’m considering an itenerary something like the below… Could I ask for a sanity check?

May 3 Wed - Arrive Night Taipei - SHILIN Night Market
May 4 Thurs - Museum, Taipei 101 (台北101), Longshan Temple (龍山寺)
May 5 Fri - Jiufen, Jinguashi
May 6 Sat - Jiufen, Jinguashi
May 7 Sun - Early Morning Departure.

Do we need 2 days for Jiufen and Jinguashi?

Also, could anyone recommend a place to attempt to get accomodation in Jiufen or Jinguashi on those nights? I’m worried I’m too last minute and places may be filled. A youth hostel, or hotel type place, either is fine.

Thanks for any advice!