Call the Association for Labor Standards Law. 02.2345.4258. Ask for Ms. Chen. Tell her Chou Do Fu sent you. They are helping with a similar problem now.


You can download a Chinese language form from this website, have a Chinese associate help you fill it out, and submit it to the local city/county Dept. of Labor Affairs.


Good luck.

[quote]Tell her Chou Do Fu sent you.[/quote]Don’t do that :unamused:

It won’t hurt she knows me by that name as well as by my real name. If you’d like more details then give me a PM . . . . . . They will also fill out the forms for you to file any kind of claim with the city, as per Hartzell’s suggestion. Your case will not be new to them, they have handled things like this before, and their only role is to act as a mediator. There is a small fee but it is minuscule compared to anything that you would pay a lawyer. Advice is free. They want to help.

I might be facing this situation in the near future. I’m on a contract that says I get a fixed salary every month, but my employer is trying to pay me by hour for my work in February…which will work out to NT$13,300 less than my normal salary. Not a sum I’m willing to part with quietly.

What I’m wondering is if the process for taking this to the Council of Labor Affairs is still the same (i.e. free hearing with a chosen representative by my side)? All I know is what I’ve read on tealit.com: http://www.tealit.com/fines.deposits.main.htm.

Would the fees for a mediator such as Chodofu has recommended be miniscule enough for this to be worth my while?