Job Ends - what happens to ARC

If my job gets terminated (and quite unfairly, with little notice), what happens exactly with the ARC? I know that the company is suppose to report to the police station that my ARC is no longer valid, but how many days do I get to get out of the country? And what if the company still owes me back pay? Should I leave before getting the money?

Also, my ARC is not actually expired until July of next year, so when I go through customs, will they actually know that the ARC is no longer valid?

I’m really in a bind and would appreciate any help.

I recall seeing several other postings about this kind of “situation” in this FORUM, so I suggest that you check those out.

Specifically, according to the information which everyone seems to be getting from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, when you change your status in a big way, such as losing your job, getting divorced, expelled from university, etc. which was originally the whole basis of your visa status here in Taiwan, then that is supposed to mean that your visa (and ARC) are no longer valid, and TECHNICALLY SPEAKING you should report to the FOREIGN AFFAIRS POLICE DEPARTMENT as soon as possible, and certainly within 15 days at the most, to give them full details on your current situation, and so that they can order you to get on the next airplane out if they feel that you are no longer welcome here.

Any further questions on this matter should probably be directed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Why not drop in there sometime for a pleasant chat with some of the girls who are on duty behind the counters?