Job interview process duration

Hello there party people :banana:

Had an interview which went really well for a job that’s a good fit, and they even said they’d like to do a second interview in the first interview.

That was two weeks ago and i’ve heard nothing since. The goodbye kiss was insufficient.

Have I been ghosted or catfished or whatever? Should I incite 24 hours post-rejection depression executive order Article 32a? If he calls me next week should i just laugh manically down the phone like an embittered ex?

Or is this really how long this shit takes?

I ain’t no dentist, cuz i got no patience.*

*(Works better in spoken word)

Just call or email them. Say you’ve got an offer for another job.


They may have to go through a long list of candidates. Keep interviewing with other companies.


Some places are particular and will interview everybody that applies. You may have been the first in line. Plus the job might be available until the end of August so there’s still time.

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I think the type of job is important to know. I know at least in America a lot of tech jobs can take months with multiple rounds of interviews.

For teaching jobs in Taiwan, the turn around time is pretty quick. Usually just 1-2 interviews no longer than 3 weeks (that’s Maximum usually a week or 2)

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Before you left the interview, did you ask the key question of when you would hear back from them on the next step? If not, bear has the right idea, wait a bit and then call up and say you have a few offers coming your way and you really like “that” job (the one you are calling to) and are wondering what the update is.

I emailed. They said no.

Bit disappointed, but c’est la 生活 innit

Local company will immediately say yes on the same day (if not during interview) if they decide to hire you.

Seems a little rash

No it’s not. Just mean you can concentrate on the other ones you want to get or to not worry about that last one. and yes, this is life. You’ll survive.

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You might have dodged a bullet. Probably wouldn’t want to work there anyway if that is how they operate.

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I once had a company tell me phone interview was okay. They emailed me asking what I want to be paid after the interview. Then they ghost me? so I email them. They then said I needed to come in person. I noticed they posted the job again. I didn’t even bother replying.

My current job hired me but still interviewed someone after I was hired.

I think I just wasn’t expecting the same BS here.

Unless you have perfect (North American) English, don’t do phone interview.
Your whatever-you-come-from English won’t be comprehensible to American educated Taiwanese, let alone local bred Taiwanese.
Don’t talk about salary over phone.