Job Offer Negotation


I’ve been offered a job as a software developer at a small tech company in Taipei.
I’m coming from the UK, so I can’t use my current salary as a baseline, as I don’t expect to get anywhere near this much. Salary sharing websites show mixed results, but I’ve been offered what seems average for somebody with my years experience.
However I feel my negotiation position could be stronger, as at the moment I’m not confident I know my worth.

Culturally, is it acceptable/expected that I negotiate the salary? Have any foreigners in a similar situation had success in negotiating a job offer?


I do not have experience in the Taiwanese labour market, but what I used so far for orientation was the very helpful Excel list in this thread and also job listings on 104, which sometimes contain a “possible salary” range.


It seems for Taiwanese about 30-35k a month is the norm. This is however a guaranteed salary of 13 months. More if the company does well, etc…

I’m not sure what you’re offered.

Hi. I know a lot about this–I’ve negotiated my salary many times in Taiwan, sometimes with great success I always get more than standard. Let’s go through this.

  • In any negotiation you need to know the market value. Then you add 20% or whatever. You must start with self-esteem. You are worth more.
  • Don’t start with by talking about pay. However, don’t waste time talking to cheap employers. Do your research before even speaking.
  • Create a pleasant dialogue. Get the employer to talk. Show an interest in what they are doing. Make a pitch. YOU decide the salary.
  • Be prepared to walk away. Do so VERY politely. They just might come back to you.
  • Image and politeness count for a lot in Taiwan. Know your worth, but don’t focus on the money. There are many variables to consider in a job.
  • A Taiwanese negotiation tactic is the shotgun deal. If they are trying to rush you, don’t be rushed. Always take a little time to consider your response.
  • Leave a face-saving way out for both sides. Don’t say “No”, or anything similarly direct. Say something like, “Thanks. It’s an interesting offer. I’m not sure, but I’ll think it over.” In other words, avoid being to the point (opposite of Anglo-American approach).

If an employer will not negotiate, they are probably not worth working for. Be aware that one way or another employment here, as elsewhere is exploitative. You need to get the maximum amount of money for your time. If you do get a great deal, there might be a catch, but not necessarily so. In any event, you become a kind of wage slave. In some tech companies, you can get promoted and have a good career. Good luck.


Thanks for taking the time to write this response, lots of useful information here! Greatly appreciated.

I think I have received what you refer to as a “shotgun deal”, received the day after my interview requiring a response within a window. I’m skeptical they would really withdraw an offer after that point.

Uh… no not for software developers. That’s the norm for someone working at McDonalds…

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To be fair that was in 2007…

But wages are piss poor in Taiwan for the amount of work you must do (or the amount of qualifications you must have to have the job).

However you do get more than 12 months of salary per year… usually.

Then you’re not providing accurate data to someone asking about salary in 2020…