Job satisfaction

Fair enough - my mistake. I missed that sentence at the start.

Still seems surprisingly high though.

Not really when you interpret “satisfaction” as “ambivalence” or “indifference”. I think most people are like ehhh about their job but don’t actively hate it. That’s totally normal.

Fair point. I’m still not satisfied with my salary, though.

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My wife gets it all. Yesterday I tell her how much to get as new years bonus. She asks does she need to pay anything off. I ask her who pays your credit card, house bills etc?

You do she says. I tell her the bonus moneys is hers to do what she likes with. She replied what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine as well.

She has an account for saving cash for times like a vacation trip or medical expenses for her mum. She has good job satisfaction. Told me to stay at home today lol

Maybe because your parameter is paygrade in the UK. Most locals don’t know nor care about what pay is like elsewhere, they only vaguely know it’s higher in so and so countries.

No, it’s because I’d be more satisfied with more money.

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Watching france24 where people complain they only earn 500euro a month and have to live with their parents

The only reasons I’d probably say “satisfied” is that I work for a huge name at Taipei 101, the work culture is very similar to a company in the US, not as toxic as the few Taiwanese bosses I’ve had while in the US, and not as downtrodden as how my friends described it (which was similar to my experiences)…

But the only gripes I have is that of course the exchange rate sucks (and even then I still don’t know where my salary stands in Taiwanese society), I still have a bit of imposter syndrome since I’m kinda rusty on jargon and coming back to IT work after a 4 year hiatus doing something completely different, and my mom still moans about how it’s not TSMC sometimes since they allegedly pay more and have tons of perks/benefits… I gave up on trying to explain that just because I have Helpdesk, SysAdmin and IT Analyst experience doesn’t mean I also know electrical engineering; I’ve tried explaining this until I’m blue in the face, and she thinks I’m just being humble or having no self-esteem :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.

Exchange rate works for me :smile::smile: