Jobs for taiwan national without household registration

1)Can someone apply for any kinds of jobs in taiwan when a person holding only taiwan passport without household or no taiwan id.?
2)do i need to apply for a work permit?
3)and what are the benefits i can get if i habe no household in taiwan only taiwan passport?

Iiuc and rc,

You need to get ARC or TARC to stay in Taiwan.

If your TARC is sponsored by a lineal family, you can get an open work permit, so can apply for any kinds of jobs in taiwan, except for government jobs.

If you are a student and your ARC or TARC is sponsored by your school, you can get a student work permit, which is a part-time open work permit.

If not, your employer needs to get a work permit, and sponsor your ARC or TARC.

If you are an employed person, you will get NHI, labor insurance. Signup are on TARC, the year will be counted to get your household registration.

If you just have taiwan passport, and don’t have any other passport, you don’t need to get any kind of work permit.

  1. Yes, as I know and actual experience Taiwan passport holder are allowed to work (I just lost my notes and that particular article mentioning for this one and I know it was just short message and I will have that notes but no I don’t want to ask she might get mad at me for not saving it).
  2. If your feel that your employer will asked for it you can apply but base on my experience no need as your employer will add you to labor and yes you will need pay taxes if you stay more than 183 days you will pay taxes like locals.
  3. NO you don’t have benefits on NHI.

Please note: You must exit before your visa expired then come back as usual.

that is only if your TARC is supported by your lineal relative with hukou so you have an open work permit, or you don’t have other passport. Otherwise the same restrictions with foreigners are applied to NWOHRs.

Employment Service Act

Article 79
The provisions of the Act regarding foreign workers shall be applicable to the employment of stateless persons as well as nationals of the Republic of China also possessing the nationality of foreign country(s) but with no permanent residence in the Republic of China.

Article 51
Where the employed foreign worker is amongst any of the following, the requirements as referred to in Paragraphs 1 and 3 of Article 46, Article 47, Article 52, Paragraphs 3 and 4 of Article 53, Subparagraph 5 of Article 57, Subparagraph 4 of Article 72 and Article 74 are exempted, and his/her employer is also exempted from paying the employment security fees as required under Article 55:

3. One permitted to live with his/her lineal relative who has a registered domestic residence in the Republic of China;

The foreign workers as referred to in subparagraphs 1, 3 and 4 of paragraph 1 of this article may, without their employers’ initiation, apply on their own initiatives to the Central Competent Authority for permits to engage in work in the Republic of China.

Yes, you are correct (I forgot to add) should be.
But when I started there is no such thing supported by lineal relative with Hukou.

I know if you are Taiwan passport valid and still within visa still possible to work and I know still works this way.

Anyway lots of laopan still accept Taiwan passport holder specially if you are Half Chinese and knows the language
Don’t worry go and don’t be disappointed.

If you want to feel safe that somebody says you can’t work because of this and that. You go and apply for work permit.

Thank you so much for encouraging me about it and its hard for me or to others also who are holding only taiwan passport that wants to apply inside taiwan for working and some say laopan will not accept taiwan passport holder only or some say after accepted in the work thats the time i can apply for work permit and some article said that taiwan passport can apply work then thats the time can apply for work permit and it was so confusing

If you only have taiwan passport, and don’t have any other foreign passport/nationality/citizenship, you have the same work right with Taiwan citizens with hukou.

if you are a male under 36 yo, you don’t need to do the conscription if you don’t have hukou. It might be a benefit for some people.

Tando thank you so much for the info.coz i really dont know why taiwanese govt.didnt put any windows in there embassy to cater for taiwan passport holder that dont have hokau and people like me can find other people that we dont know and we dont know also if the info.that given to ask is right or wrong