Jobs in Keelung area?

I’m wondering if there are many jobs in and around Keelung? I’m thinking of Keelung itself, as well as place like Chidu, Shijr, Reifeng, etc… Are there any buxibans in places like Chidu and Shijr? I’ve driven though those places a thousand times, but I never really looked or gave the topic much thought. I’m coming back to Taiwan soon, and I although don’t really want to live in Taipei, I want to be close enough to scooter back conveniently.

Any thoughts?

I too have given teaching in those areas some thought, but when I got on my scooter to get to places that look quite close to my Neihu house found that I was looking at a scary 40 minute scramble through the bowels of Xizhr. Most unpleasant.

It’s less stressful to use the MRT, which of course rules out those areas. TRA trains are a somewhat less convenient proposition.

Why on earth would you want to live in Keelung?

I wouldn’t want to live in central Keelung, but I think somewhere close by wouldn’t be too bad. Places like Chidu and Xizhi are close to Taipei and are also close to the mountains and the coast.

I’m not looking for information on specific schools, just trying to get an idea of whether or not schools actually exist over there in any number. Have any of you spotted any buxibans while driving through towns around Keelung?

Hess and Kojen have branches in the area. There are two larger Hess schools in Xijr that I have seen. Be warned, it rains A LOT here, even more than Taipei. If you don’t have a car, you’d want to be close to a train station and your workplace. I don’t imagine riding a scooter through the rain everyday would be a pleasure.

Thanks Asiababy,

Do you know if there are any smaller schools? Have you spotted any here and there? I’m not that worried about the rain; I figure if the local Keelungers can handle a lifetime of it, I can tough it out for a year.

Yes, there are quite a few, in pockets around the various schools. Not sure what work opportunities there are, you could probably just walk around and see what they offer.

Thanks Asiababy, I guess I’ll just have to poke around and see what’s out there when I get back. Thanks again for your help.