Jobs in Taizhong

Good day.

My Wife and I are hoping to move away from Taoyuan. Taoyuan is slowly driving us crazy - bullying us, stealing our money and years. We hope to move within 30 - 45 minutes of Taizhong, to a more peaceful area with green grass, less traffic and maybe even a real tree. Commutes to Taizhong would be acceptable in this situation.

So, I’m curious:

What is the job situation like down there?

Would it be hard for someone willing to work hard to find a job as an English instructor?

Does anyone know of someone I can contact about work there?

Many thanks for any information.


hi,i happen to know a part-time teaching job around NCHU.
if you dont mind hanging up with children.

600/hr,every Wed 4~6,basic chinese is required.

e me if you r willing to