Jobs with an Diploma + TEFL/TESOL

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I am a CBC currently in Taiwan (cannot speak Mandarin, but Cantonese) taking an extended vacation with my girlfriend as she has family here. After being here for a few weeks (this is our third time in Taiwan together) I’m contemplating on teaching English here for a year.

I currently possess a two-year diploma. I am aware that for most jobs in Taiwan, I will also need a TEFL/TESOL certificate, so I am looking to do that as soon as I’m sure this is what I want to do.

I did some digging around and it seems like I’ll only be doing jobs at a chain like HESS with hourly shifts, is that correct?

Is expecting to make somewhere in the ball park of 40,000 to 45,000NTD realistic with my credentials? It seems the lowest paying hourly wages is 600NTD, so if I can manage 20 hours a week, that’s 12,000NTD. Multiplied by four and after 18% taxes, that would be about 39,360NTD.

I’ve seen some interesting jobs posted on Facebook groups where they guarantee a salary around 60,000NTD, but I am not sure if I can get that due to me having no experience teaching.

I plan on only staying in Taiwan for a year as a bit of an experience before I head back to Canada.

With that said, the pay is honestly pretty bad here due to the lack of hours, but the cost of living is quite lower compared to Canada, so I’ll have to make do.

Honest opinions are good as I am looking for some input and criticisms.


Unless the laws have changed, you need a Bachelor’s degree at a minimum to teach here. If I’m wrong, not all schools require a TEFL, but it’s best if you don’t have experience. You don’t have to teach at a chain, and Hess would be my last choice, but you can also teach at two jobs with the approval of your ARC sponsor if you need more hours. Or teach privately.

Probably read this first:

Apparently the minimum requirement is a two year degree with TEFL certificate. I’d stay away from Hess simply because they pay the least and have a pretty high turnover rate. Then again, they do offer training and for some that can be useful. Since you stated you’re a CBC, that might affect your hourly wage/salary negatively. Not all schools are like that but many are.

Something that you can take advantage of right now is that there are some schools that are desperately looking for a teacher since the semester has just started. You’re in a better position to bargain since they’re in a tight spot. However, you don’t have your TEFL yet. So, some schools might overlook it especially if you are in the process of getting it. There are lots of schools looking for subs as well. You could easily jump in on a few of those just to get your feet wet.

That’s the requirement for getting a work permit?

He’s not going to get a work permit if that really is the minimum requirement.

Unless they’ve changed or gone out of business, JumpStart pays the least. Hess is for those who don’t know any better, though.

For the OP’s reference, here is the relevant regulation about the requirements to get a work permit to teach at buxibans in Taiwan: English and Chinese

Part 2 is the diploma requirement. Part 3 is about the TEFL (“qualification certificates for language teaching if they have not obtained bachelor‘s degrees”)

Link updated:

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