Johathan Haidt's moral foundations test

This test is based on moral foundations theory, a psychological theory that claims to explain political differences. I’ve no real opinion on how accurate or useful it is, but I’m interested in hearing results of people on Forumosa, especially those of non-Western origin.

These were my results:

I don’t consider myself to be particularly political, but my Purity score I believe definitely puts me in the conservative camp. You take can the test yourself here:

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I’m apparently more caring and less pure than I thought. :man_shrugging:


Why is that?


Society is order. That’s the point.

In Haidt’s research the “purity/sanctity” foundation is much more commonly emphasized by conservatives. Maybe someone will go into it in more depth, or you can look it up for more details, but you should read The Righteous Mind! Great stuff.


Maybe you just have, what my dad calls a “hidden heart of gold”

Definitely plausible. :whistle:

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Liberal here…

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America, fuck yah!

In my experience Americans are actually quite caring, if not only oblivious. I am biased though of course


A lot of subjectivity especially in the earlier questions and I had different answers depending on situations in my mind. The last few questions handled with examples

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I felt like the test said a lot more about the ‘moral foundations’ of the test maker than it could ever possibly say about the respondents.

I guess I should specify that my America fuck yea quote was from the sombre caring part of the song.

Yeah. I’m a fan of Jonathan Haidt, I think he’s a smart dude. But this test was just inspired by his work, and there is no information about who made it, or how, let alone reliability and validity of the items. Just for fun, ok, whatever

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For what it’s worth:

Have you read the Happiness Hypothesis by Haidt? Great Book!

I haven’t, but back when I listened to podcasts and watched YouTube videos regularly he came up a lot and was consistently sensible

Yeah, I’m not posting my results because so many of the questions were of the “it depends on the situation” variety, I left probably 3/4 at No Opinion because I could easily come up with scenarios that skewed strongly in either direction depending on the circumstances. (That said, the result seemed fairly accurate, so maybe they took that into account?)

One way it works is a survey has more than one question measuring the same indicator, so the aggregate of several questions measuing “purity” should be more reliable than just one question measuing the same thing

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Well apparently I’m a Conservative Anarchists, but that would probably change after a good nights sleep.

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