John DeFrancis books (Where can I find them in Taiwan?)

People rave about his books and I sure do like his dictionary (inside my Wenlin), but where can I buy his books in Taiwan? I’ve only seen one of his books (Character Text for Advanced Chinese) at Shi1Da4’s Lucky Bookstore.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to find his books in Taiwan.

Online ordering in Taiwan is possible for his books. But I’m not sure how long the wait will be (i.e., if the books are already in Taiwan or if you’d have to wait for them to arrive from overseas).

Crane was supposed to reprint The Chinese Language: Fact and Fantasy; but for some reason it hasn’t yet. (Maybe if enough people contact them asking for it…)

I think I bought JDF’s fascinating travel memoir, In the Footsteps of Genghis Khan, in Taiwan. (Perhaps at Fnac – this was a long time ago.) Extensive excerpts of this are available through Google Books.

Until you get the complete copies, there’s always my Web site, which offers chapter-long readings from The Chinese Language: Fact and Fantasy, Nationalism and Language Reform in China, and Visible Speech: The Diverse Oneness of Writing Systems. See also The Prospects for Chinese Writing Reform and his video. Enjoy!