Joint custody laws

Northcoastsurfer-I understand you are knowledgable in divorce proceedings between Foreigners and Taiwan nationals. What do you know about Joint custody laws between these two parties who want to divorce? Does one party need the approval of another to make any changes such as children changing schools?

-another tragedy

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It depends on the divorce agreement between the two parties, or court decision.

Thanks. I’m told when we bring the divorce decree to the Household registration office, we will need to decide custody of the children and we have 3 options? The Father, The Mother, or Joint custody. What are the details regarding joint custody?

Is it possible to alter the Custody after the divorce? Say from one parent to joint custody?

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Imo aim for joint custody

You can specify in a divorce agreement whether one party can make decision by alone or need the approval of another to make any changes on each thing.

iiuc, it is possible by agreement or court order.


Thanks again. Do you know what kind of things need approval? My wife claims this would be too troublesome for her because My Chinese is not good enough to handle larger issues. Do you know what I need to do to give my approval on issues? Is it a difficult, time sucking process?

Im in court currently with tw woman that wants the father to be erased from the child life.
Round one she wins because of “childs wishes”

Non custodial parents especially foreigner have a hard road when all that needs to happen is the brainwashing of a young child to hate( or dislike - hate is strong but my ex is ok that my child says i can die) another parent.

If one parent is not allow to see the child , brainwashing is super super easy, watch out for this “childs wish“.

Good luck


If you have not consulted to a lawyer yet, I’d recommend to do so.

You may get some general information, such as what is a typical arrangement etc, at LAF for free.

Look, the authorities here cannot enforce and will not enforce joint custody, that is still a new concept.

If you do not want to be kicked out of your child’s life, do not sign the divorce papers. No one can force you to do so.

If you have already, or are in the process, I have bad news: lawyer up and fight, because what was not written cannot be changed now but at the same time what was written and agreed upon cannot be enforced.

For Allah, Sweet Jesus and Buddha, do not trust your spouse on these matters nor follow their guidelines. Hell no.

Good luck.


I will contact LAF, thanks for your input. I don’t want to believe that she would do anything spiteful or malicious, unfortunately I think she would if things don’t go her way. She insists that I sign the papers and give her custody. She would allow me to stay with the kids and her, but how long would that last? She already threatened to change the locks on the house.

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No matter what the divorce agreement states, the Taiwan authorities absolutely will not enforce it. In fact, if you’re a foreigner, they will never enforce any agreements on your behalf.

Here. Read this thread and any comments by @pgdaddy @pgdaddy1 or @pg171.

If you haven’t signed divorce papers, then don’t. Don’t ever. If you just can’t help yourself from signing, then make sure that you are the one listed as primary custody and she needs to agree to it and sign it. But, don’t think that on one weekend that she has the kid and she decides that she’s not going to return him/her to you that you’ll have a leg to stand on, regardless of what was agreed upon and signed!


Well, you had better pull yourself out of naivety land right quick! Complete lie. She will say anything to get what she wants. Lie lie and lie some more.

She has to agree to give you custody and sign the divorce agreement as such, otherwise, don’t sign it. Just say no.

Your wife will do absolutely ANYTHING to get her way. Lie, cheat, steal, throw you into the path of an oncoming bus/MRT.

You agree to her demands and you will have lost everything.

BTW…if you have any illegal crap going on in your house…you know…like a little green herb you like to partake in once in a while, then get it out of your possession immediately…I mean, right now. Keep your urine and blood tests clean. I’ve seen wives turn their husbands in less.


Has anyone heard of a joint custody agreement which states that only one parent’s signature is required to enroll in school, etc ?