Joking about starting a war?

In an eerie moment, fast-sliding and flat-falling John McCain tries to joke about bombing Iran by comparing it to a Beach Boys song and singing a few lines “Bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb-iran” with a shocked audience reaction. If the discussion had been outdoors, we would have heard crickets chirping.

Pilots over many of the 20th Century wars have treated the sight of bombing damage with some degree of sincerity, knowing full well that they get some isolation from what their bombs do. Bombs, particularly in the days of “dumb bombs” can spread indiscriminate destruction to non-combatants easily enough – and judging from the number of weddings and private homes we’ve hit in Afghanistan and Iraq it’s not a solved problem by far. The sight of a former Vietnam-era pilot (and POW hero), a man who should know well the results of bombing from up high and from ground-level, joking this lamely and foolishly about bombing Iran just doesn’t seem smart to me. And McCain is normally considered a smart guy.

So what on earth happened? Bob Dole used to be the good, ol’ sourpuss war vet with arm injuries – the guy you could count on for brilliant one-liners and upfront acidic honesty. Perhaps we expected McCain to step into Dole’s shoes in the Senate for this role? Am I only shocked because McCain’s attempt was so awfully inept or because joking about dropping bombs on people is awful enough on its own?

Its difficult to say for sure in your case, mofo. Is McCain republican or democrat?

Does the Iranian guy joke about wiping Israel off the map?


Its difficult to say for sure in your case, mofo. Is McCain republican or democrat?[/quote]
No one is ever quite sure about McCain…but on occasion, such as this one, he does tend to speak his mind and damn the consequences.

He is not know for being pc. This tends to put a few panties in a knot.

Thus making him prime presidential material.
Straight Talk Express… :laughing:

Sandman: I thought McCain would either: 1) at least be far funnier than John “Lurch” Kerry’s lame mispoken attempt to make fun of Bush; and 2) known that the American people are not in a joking frame of mind about getting into any more wars.

Jdsmith: I don’t know whether the Iranian guy jokes about wiping Israel off the map – my guess is that many middle-eastern leaders would be glad to see that happen given the back history and hatred going on. I also don’t know if counts as a “joke” if it is standard political rhetoric in Iran.

TC: He was a Republican in front of a Republican audience, and dead silence was the result. If in “speaking his mind” we have to deal with lame attempts at hawkish versions of Beach Boy songs that are out of touch with even the people of his own party, then I think he ain’t going to be successful. Mark Foley’s another Republican who likes to “speak his mind” via instant messaging, so it that really a virtue? Those religious freaks who show up at soldier funerals to shout anti-gay slogans are also “speaking their mind”. Speaking one’s mind seems to only work as a virtue when one is saying the thing that needs saying despite the silence of others.