Jordan bombings

Hotels in Jordan bombed: … tml?sub=AR

Three international hotel were hit.

Co-ordinated attacks kill more than 60 at Jordan hotels

Last Updated Wed, 09 Nov 2005 18:31:02 EST
CBC News[/b]

At least 67 people have died and more than 150 have been injured in explosions at three major hotels in Amman, Jordan.

The country’s deputy prime minister confirmed the numbers. Marwan Muasher said in a CNN interview that one suicide bomber blew himself up at a wedding party.[/quote] … 51109.html

I haven’t read much of Jordan’s position on the WOT. Anybody got the poop?

I just know Jordan is known to be western-friendly. The king is known to be a reasonable guy married to a blonde Jordan lady who was raised in US. A rather liberal way of governing with the challenge not the make the countless refugees from Palestine angry, who are 30% of the Jordan population I think.

The Jordanian government calls Hamas and Hezbollah members “activists”.

“Palestinians” comprise about 50% of the Jordanian populace.
They have been ‘Western’ friendly for qute a while and also have semi-warm relations with Israel.
This does not endear them to the more radical countries of the middle east.
Also, quite a few of the more radical Islamoradical leaders have came from Jordan. Over 90% Sunni Moslem.
Fairly modern country. Good educational system. Economy is not all that great, but better than most (excepting Israel) in the mid-east.

CIA Factbook - Jordan

Of course El Kaida [however you spell it] and other radical Islamist groups hate those (quite) well-working Islam countries the most…

They prefer chaos, poverty and violence…

What kind of a person bombs a wedding? Not that other bombings are ok, but it takes an extra level of sicko-ness to bomb a wedding.

Off the top of my head, the groom?


Well, we had cutting of heads of christian schoolgirls recently (with reliable link) in a Muslim country.

[Disclaimer to PC-Police: yes yes bloody yes, there are peacefull Muslims, I am not talking about them now :raspberry: ]

Is that the wake up bell sounding??

Terrorism is bad for all people. Hello.

[quote]SILET AL-THAHER, West Bank - In this Palestinian village, the Akhras clan mourned 17 relatives killed by a suicide bomber in Jordan

It is so bloody obvious I could rant.

  • Islam terror kills MUSLIMS in first place.

So I am waiting for this “we must clean our culture and kick those bastards in the ass who kill OUR children and claim to speak for us” being shouted out by muslims.

All I hear is usually this “yes terror is wrong but you have to understand the oppressed arabs are fighting back” thingy. [German TV, after 9/11 and other media].

NoNoJoe, this is the wrong answer.

NoNo, this answer will not help.

Or are many muslims happy to read about 1 Christian killed and 100 Muslims in Iraq at the same time??? Does this make a lot of people happy ???

I just knew it! The Jooooooooooooooos did it!

Many in Jordan See Old Enemy in Attack: Israel

ZARQA, Jordan, Nov. 11 - The Maktoum Mosque was crowded with worshipers for Friday Prayer as the imam sharply criticized the suicide attacks on three hotels in Amman, saying those who committed the crimes were not Muslims, no matter what they called themselves.

Afterward, on the street, people agreed that whoever committed such an act could not be a Muslim. But many meant this literally, that the attack must have been carried out by outsiders, namely Israeli agents.

“Who said it is them?” asked Ahmed al-Zawahrah, referring to claims that members of a radical Islamic group were behind the blasts. “It could be Israel.”

The suspicion of some here over the hotel killings mirrors the unfounded rumor that thousands of Jews did not show up for work at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, because Israel was behind those attacks.

In Egypt, Israel was also widely blamed for the bombing attacks in Taba and Sharm el Sheik over the last year, and for the recent sectarian violence between Coptic Christians and Muslims in Alexandria. In Syria, officials at the highest levels of the government have blamed Israel for killing Rafik Hariri, the former Lebanese prime minister.[/quote]


They’ve got good schools in Jordan and the country is full of intelligent people.


If stupidity of people exceeds a certain limit, there is only the “do not do it or it hurts” method of dealing with them.

Which may well be the recepy of dealing with the not too well educated masses of Islam.

Alright, time to apply this to everyone’s favorite topic.

Are these bombings an indicator that the War on Terror and the War in Iraq are being lost, or indicators of a trend that America is winning. I can see cases for both.

On the one hand, Jordan is a valuable ally, and the U.S. can’t really afford to deal with terrorist uprisings in Jordan while fighting the war in Iraq and trying to control the Syrian border.

On the other hand, attacking fellow Muslims may be a sign of desparation. The terrorists don’t have the resources to expel the U.S. form Iraq, so they have to resort to intimidating other Muslims in hope that the will join the cause. This type of strategy is likely to backfire as many Arabs will stop explaining away this type of thing when the targets are Arab Muslims.

Your thoughts?

Destabilizing a US alley certainly fits the terrorist’s needs. So it hardly matters who gets killed.