Jordan Schools in Chiayi

I was working at a few hours a week in 4 of the Jordan Schools (owned by the same people) here in Chiayi. My friend and I shared the hours, at the end of last month they asked if they could just have one of us teaching there and asked my friend if she would like to take over my hours as long as it was ok with me (she worked 4 days there and I only worked 2). No problem, so my friend now teaches all the hours there.

When the principals at the different schools found out they were losing me they were all very upset (except the one who manages the foreign teachers schedule - it was her idea). The principals then asked why I was going and why they only were going to have one foreign teacher. The principal who manages the foreign teachers said it was because that the other branches had complained about me. As i’m quite good friends with the principals of two of the schools they knew this wasn’t true and questioned it. So the other night at the staff meeting for 3 of the branches, the owner told all the schools that I was fired (not true) because one class of students had complained (at the school who wasn’t there) that I didn’t wear a bra to class (not true), I picked my nose (so not true) and I took my shoes off during class (not true). I can’t believe what crap some people will come up with to save face. The worst bit is that this stuff is so childish that I can’t believe anyone would think it was a good reason to get rid of teacher. arhhhhh!! It’s absolutely embrassing to have people walking around going “that girl picks her nose” even if it’s not true.

Don’t be surprised. This country does not contain the most mature people. Welcome to Taiwan.