Judge approves divorece because wife deemed "too annoyi


The Taipei Times ran a story about an old guy who was granted a divorce from his ‘annoying’ wife. Now, I have no clue about Taiwan’s divorce laws, but this article makes it sound like getting a legal divorce is very difficult.

However, I did chuckle when I read “a court ruled that his wife was indeed ‘too annoying.’” To me, it seems a bit strange that the judge would have to determine if a person was “annoying” when deciding on a divorce case. I am not a lawyer, but isn’t ‘annoyance’ extreemly subjective? I’m sure there are other issues in law that are equally subjective…but this is the first time I’ve seen this. I guess there isn’t a standard “irreconcilable differences”-type term in Taiwan law when filing for divorce?

Well, it takes one to know one…
The woman probably just needed a little sugar from her man. In my opinion and experience, most Chinese men know nothing about TLC–they just want a woman to put out and shut up while they fawn over their girlfriends and allow their mothers to beat down any shred of self-esteem the wife may have.