July TLUG_en Meetings

TLUG_en will be at Cafe Odeon (Cafe Odeon – No 23, Lane 40, Taishun Street, Taipei) from 7:30 this thursday (18 July) for an evening of Belgian beer and tech chat. Please eat something before arriving–the Belgian beer is strong and the menu at Cafe Odeon is limited. We’ll discuss the upcoming international conference in Taipei and topics for the next few tech meetings.

As previouly posted, the next TLUG_en will be this Saturday (20 July) at 1:30. After two installfests, we will be focusing on using the command line and emacs.

Note: TLUG_en is morphing into an informal fork of the regular Chinese-speaking Taiwan Linux User Group focusing on Debian. This is happening because (a) not many English speakers have showed up at the last two tech meetings and (b) the TLUG doesn’t seem to have regular user meetings anymore. In any event, our working language is mainly Chinese, but we will try to provide English support to any non-Chinese speakers who wish to attend.

Originally posted by Feiren: ...the menu at Cafe Odeon is limited.

Don’t they do lasagne? As far as I remember it was at Cafe Odeon that I ordered lasagnefor lunch, but it ended up being eaten by my girlfriend because it took so long and I had to go back to the office for the afternoon shift. Lasagne takes ages to cook in the oven, so better order in advance.

They do, but I’m pretty sure that they just take off the plastic wrapper and pop it in the microwave. That said, it’s not too bad.

weeeeeee… I’m back

Now to get to the next meeting…