[June 7th 10am-1pm]Taipei City Playgroup Rummage Sale

Our next rummage sale (held twice a year) is schedule for SUNDAY, JUNE 7th, 10am to 1pm

#80 Tianxiang Street (For those who have attended before, it’s the same place, near the corner of Minchuan East Road and Chungshan North Road, more detailed directions later).

This rummage sale is a great chance to donate your gently used baby/children’s/maternity wear, books, toys, and other child-related items to a good cause, to pick up some GREAT bargains for yourself, and to meet other families, too.

Donations - how:
Either bring them along on the day, or call one of our volunteers to pick them up before the sale (please try to call early, as we are all parents trying to arrange schedules!):
Katrina - Taipei city, prefer south-side of Taipei Station 0935020590 or PM below
Angie - Neihu/Taipei City, surrounding areas 0935755833
Joanne - Tienmu and surrounds 0917770407
Kate - drop-off point for Hsin-Yi area, before Wednesday please. (09) 3695-8354
Michele - Hsin-Yi area 0955360693

Donations - what:
Clean, gently used items related to babies and children - clothes, games, Cds, toys, books…
Books parents can read.
Adult clothing is also OK.

Shopping - how:
Items are usually marked at 10/30/50/100/special price. Find yourself a bargain and pay the volunteers at the tables. Please bring along your own bag to hold your goodies.

This rummage sale, we will donate proceeds to Harmony Home

Volunteers needed:
For looking after tables on the day
To donate baking and drinks for the lemonade/snack stand run by kids (volunteer your child to look after this, too!)
To help set up and clean up before and after the sale

Any other questions, please post here or PM/email me.

Hi everyone,

The rummage sale is tomorrow! I am looking forward to seeing old friends again, I think like many of you, this is the only time I get to meet up with some of you.

Just a couple of things:

  1. Donation pickups - I am going to be available from dinner time to 8pm to pick up things, in the Muzha to downtown area. If you have any last minute donations, please call me on 0935020590 today. You can also drop things off at the rummage sale site tonight between 8pm and 9pm. Again, please call me if you are going over.

  2. If you were a volunteer for picking up donations, can you drop me an email and let me know when you will drop things off?

  3. Don’t forget to bring small change and your own shopping bag!

  4. Chinese address for those taking taxis:
    撫順街23號 一樓


If there is anything else I forgot, please let me know!