Just bought new PC, Blogger website won't display in English

I got a new PC with an English version of Windows XP, and I’ve installed the Chinese language fonts so I can read Chinese. In both Explorer and Mozilla I’ve set the language option to display websites only in English if they offer other languages. However, the Blogger website still comes up in Chinese. This didn’t happen with my US-purchased laptop, so I’m guessing there might be some some sort of setting in the computer itself that makes the website think it needs to display in Chinese.

If anyone has ideas on what else I should try to change, please let me know. I have some other issues, too, but I’ll post separately on those.


It gives you Chinese as a regional default. Once you change the language it will remember your selection (unless you delete all of your cookies). Changing the language is easy, but of course the option is displayed in Chinese. From the Blogger dashboard, On the right hand column the third option down is to change your display language.

You might find some useful info in this thread: forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … highlight=

Thanks for the quick response, got it changed. I feel kinda dumb, because I can read Chinese (just not everything), but I didn’t even think to look for a “change language” option. Doh!