Just bricked my phone

In the middle of a ROM flash my USB connection started going crazy … resulting in a paper weight phone … :doh:

What phone is it? You can normally get them going again unless you killed the boot loader which is rare.

Funnily enough I bricked my wife’s phone the other day. It was a Sony Ericsson C902. It’s a few years old, but she loves it. The LCD screen had gone, so I got a new one and put it in. It was all working fine until I plugged it into the computer and the shitty Sony Ericsson software advised me to download some updated software. Now it just continually turns on and off, on and off…

I redid the software update and tried the “repair” option too. Nothing works. The battery won’t recharge now either, though I’ve got round that with a generic phone battery charger. I’ve even tried some non-Sony-Ericsson methods to reflash without luck.

Every time I reflash it (using the Sony Ericsson software or the other one) it says the update was successful, but it still doesn’t work.

So yeah, I feel for you Belgian Pie.

Can’t you guys just send it back to the dealer. How much would it cost to reflash/replace the rom?

Well outside of warranty and not worth spending more money on it. The wife has since bought a new phone, but was pretty disappointed. That said, if I could get it reflashed pretty cheaply, I’d be interested.

Toshiba G810, 2 years old … wanted to put Malaysian English ROM instead of the original CHT Chinese … it’s possible to do by changing a few lines code and swapping a file, but something went wrong with the USB connection.

Now I use one of these none branded clones from China, my wife bought it for me a few years back, it resembles a Samsung I900 … I’m curious what the OS would be … but it hasn’t WIFI … only Bluetooth