Just Can't Learn Chinese? Beginner's Classes

If you feel that no matter where you take class or how hard you study, you just CAN’T learn Chinese, check out a beginners’ class with me. I teach Chinese using a method that NTNU and the others haven’t heard of yet (I’m serious) and focus on the ability to speak and understand. If rote learning turns you on, stay with a language school. I’m a “foreigner” myself, although I’m told I speak pretty good Mandarin at this point (I’ve been a full-time translator/interpreter since 1987 and am a qualified US State Dep’t contracting translator and interpreter), and I hold a Ph.D. in Foreign Language Education: Chinese (again, not kidding, the lack of jobs makes THAT no laughing matter! :wink: ) I do charge slightly more than the language schools, but the charge is hourly, so if you can gather a group of like-minded individuals you can lower your cost AND learn more effectively. Drop me an e-mail if you are interested; I would like to open a new group or three in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

If you get a group together that is willing to join the class, then i would like to join the class too.

Where would you hold the class? Hours? Can you send me rates at jrc@segue.com.tw



I’m not in TW yet, but you sound like a great teacher. Please post again when you start your next beginner’s class. I’m VERY interested! :smiley: THANX!

pleaase send me also your rates@ironlady and the location of your class>>thnks....anje999@yahoo.com

i wanna learn too…i learn quickly!!! i can already ‘understand’ a little of the written stuff because i can read japanese. anyway, i want some tuition that covers a bit of everything …speaking, reading , and writing.
i normally post as southpaw but i cant be bothered tp dig out my password.
email me at davidsinclairyes@hotmail.com

p.s. thanks for the pinyin for that drink on teashit.com