Just couldn't make this stuff up! Internet Image Copied For Passports And It's the Wrong One...


More like, who will tell, it is Commons meaning it is free.

TBH, who would recognize Dulles from a picture? Yet, I mean, you make an image search and Dulles pops up? Weird.

Maybe it was just the right size.


Maybe the simplest solution would be to build a new airport annex, using the same design as Dulles.


Gummit uses Wikipedia as source of data, Free software and Commons for images. You have to lower spending at any cost.

Bids are given to the lowest. Next year’s bid for same item will be lower and lower…quality my foot, that is the bidders problem.


It probably went this way;

Designer to whoever: I just made a ‘mock-up’ of the passport.
Whoever: Looks nice.
Designer: it’s just a mock-up
Whoever: yea yea.
Designer: I’ll make the real thing tomorrow.
Whoever: yea yea.

Whoever thinking :thinking: : looks good, let’s bring it to the printers, I get my deadline and maybe a promotion for being early! :banana:



Indeed. It’s one of the first pictures one sees if one googles ‘airport pictures’. Lazy incompetence and a hefty dose of cha bu duo.




100% accurate


What’s the difference? One airport’s pretty much the same as any other.


Why search for a random airport and not Taoyuan? But yes, I have plenty of examples of higher ups not knowing how Google works. Still, man, that is totally out of this world.


True, but it is a bit of a coincidence.




’‘Both the ministry and the bureau denied the accusation at first’’
’‘The mishap, which was expected to cost the state-owned printing company NT$80 million (US$2.6 million), was blamed on a designer who mistakenly used a picture of Dulles from the Internet to add details to an image of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.’’

2.6 M US$ ( hummm… ok it is a passport—so let say maybe…)

Step1= DENY
Step2= BLAME
The Criminal: ‘‘was blamed on a designer’’ ---- we need someone to take the blame


Presumably, the new passport is trying to represent images of the nation. The guys issuing passports in Canada did this during the Harper regime. What a joke!

Perhaps by putting an image of DC in there, we can get a glimpse of Taiwan’s political unconscious. State 51, here we come! :stuck_out_tongue:



Technically possible, though I really would prefer Taiwan as an independent country.


I’ve got it! They should use the illustrations from Psalmanesar’s book!


Now I know why Mainland jets were buzzing Taiwan last week…they were looking for the Washington Dulles International Airport!

Should have used a pic of the Great Wall - dry run for the inevitable!


I think they do. This old guy starting talking to me when I was in a hot spring and said Taiwan should be part of the USA.


Well soon as millions of Taiwanese get Green Cards, then it may as well be.

The gaff is pretty cool though, puts Taiwan back on the map (although for sure most people in the world will still think its Thailand).

And CKS was designed after Dulles anyways. Was it the same architects? Have to look that up.


Now that they’e been forced to admit the truth, the number of incorrectly printed passports has grown significantly. Rather than reprint the lot correctly it’s been decided to place a sticker over the Dulles image replacing it with the correct image. Of course as modifications to passports will get you rejected at most countries borders, Taiwan will have to send a notification to countries around the world informing them of it’s FU!



That’s their solution? FFS, just leave the passports as they are. They’re just compounding their FU with further FUs. Wait until Taiwanese nationals get held up in passport controls in the future because some guy wasn’t aware of the alteration.


I’m not sure of that. My US passport has additonal pages added to it and it has stickers over part of the additional pages. There is also additonal wording on that indicates that it is an official addition.