Just figured out why Kobe Bryant is called 小飛俠 in Taiwan


Kobe Bryant has always been referred to as Xiao-fei-xia (小飛俠) in Taiwanese media. Xiao-fei-xia is a translation for Peter Pan. I have always wondered why Kobe is called that, especially his English nickname is the Black Mamba.

I’ve just figured out why…

It’s from a famous Taigi rock song, the song that started a new generation of Taigi singers, Lîm Kiông’s (林強) Hiòng-tsiân kiânn (向前行).

The original lyrics goes:

Newer rendition:

News articles referring Kobe as Xiao-fei-xia:
小飛俠布萊恩 退休倒數計時

湖人小飛俠布萊恩 年薪全聯盟最高

I wonder who came up with this…