Just found out how much my previous employer owes me

I quit my (terrible) job last year to start working at another school. I only gave 1 days notice, and consequently the company didn’t pay me for the 3 weeks of the month that I had worked, which I was kind of expecting. However, having just received my tax forms from my old company I realise that they owe me in excess of 70,000NT, that they are pretending that they have paid me for tax reasons. Before I contact my old company, I really just want to know my legal position. I fully accept that I broke my contract but surely it is still illegal for them not to pay me for hours that I worked.

Couple of points:
Were you paid by direct deposit? Come up with those bank records to show you never received the money.

Get a copy of your contract and peruse it closely…let’s see what they actually are authorized to keep.

If you’re in Taipei, or nearby, after exams we could take a stroll over if you like… :laughing:

I seem to recall from reading a previous posting in another thread that ironlady is an expert in international arbitration matters.

Richard, don’t be sarcastic, please. It doesn’t become you.

I’m just giving what advice I have at hand, in the absence of a response from you which would give more concrete information. But absent the international arbitration angle (and I have no idea why you would even mention that, unless you are merely being sarcastic) reading one’s contract and proving whether or not one received income the employer claims to have paid seem like pretty solid and conservative first steps for this sort of issue, wouldn’t you say?

Ok, so I managed to find my contract. Here’s where it gets complicated. This company operates a guarantee system for the first 6 months of employment which means that no matter how many hours you work, they will only pay you for 80 hours per month. If you work more than this (which I did) they save it up and pay you the extra hours at the end of the 6 months. I didn’t work there for 6 months, only 4. The contract states “If for any reason 3 months notice is not given additional hourly payments will be lost”. So it seems fair enough that they don’t pay me my guarantee hours. However, I did work for 3 weeks of July before I quit which they haven’t paid me for. I was paid by direct debit before so I can prove that the amount on the tax form (which strangely seems to include the guarantee hours which the contract states that I can’t get) was never paid into my bank account.
Also, it has been suggested that because I signed this contract in the UK it won’t stand up in court over here but not sure if that is bullshit or not.